© Alex Augier


Audiovisual performance
Stereophonic diffusion / Single-ch projection
Duration : 30’00 – 40’00


hex-a focus on the audiovisual material of p(O)st.

Instead using the cylindric screen of the initial project, hex-a use a conventional screen, a single-channel videoprojection and the « hexadecagone » visual. hex-a keep the transversal approach of the original project by integrating generative visual, space, new ways of performing and avant-garde interface specifically programmed for the project.

The work is deeply live performed, using a personal approach of the audiovisual medium: the hypermedia approach.

Monome design by Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain

hex-a is produced by Alex Augier Studio, supported by La Muse en Circuit (Alfortville, FR).



© Alex Augier



© Alex Augier



© Alex Augier






Concept, programing, music, visual, interface design : Alex Augier
Monome design by Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain
Production : Alex Augier Studio
Executive production : La Muse en Circuit