Music composition
4.0 ch sound
Duration : ~ 10 min


By changing our way of thinking, working and travelling, digital technologies are transforming us psychologically and physically. They are remodeling our personal and social bodies. Historically, societies have established rites to mark stages throughout the life of each individual. In the same way, Passengers symbolize the epoch change we can observe.

Passengers takes place in a container intended for use in a public space. The two ends will open to reveal a kaleidoscopic interior which incorporates views of the exhibition site. Each visitors is invited to pass through the installation to see their image multiplied infinitely within a landscape of moving pixels.

Passengers offers a contemplative and introspective experience, a time and space capsule, suspended between past and future, which questions our own finiteness.



© R. Devouassoud





© R. Devouassoud





© R. Devouassoud





Passengers is an installation by Guillaume Marmin
Alex Augier : Music composition
Mael Pinard : Technical direction
Aurélien Jeanjean : Structural engineering
Xavier Seignar : Technical support
Co-production : Tetro, YAM, La plateforme Chronique, Lieux Publics, La Biennale Némo, Stereolux
Support : Marfret



Guillaume Marmin