Manifeste Festival / Pompidou Center / Paris / 2015 / © Scanner


Multichannel music performance
10.2 ch sound
Duration : 10’00


Presented at Pompidou Center (Manifeste festival – IRCAM – In Vivo Electro), N[noise]CTURN is a multiphonic performance (10.2) built on a scenic proposal by Christian Rizzo, Caty Olive and Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner). Melancholy, Nocturnes, memories… The proposal also includes a rich scenic environment dominated by the presence of an imposing monolith, generator of shapes, light and sound. This central element emit simple sound sources. Via a feedback network, it enrich itself, develops itself in a rich and powerful texture and expand itself gradually beyond the stage volume to invade the public space. This writing supports the idea that the memory of things is more important that things itself. Rhythmically arranged in time and space via a spatial work that takes into consideration the imperatives frontals of the stage picture, this sound mass expand itself in a musical discourse that resonate with the original proposal. Christian Rizzo’s scenography allows me to deepen some of my personal concerns: AV spatialization, sound, visual and formal space, scenic deployment of performance… Composers Meryll Ampe, Daniel Cabenzo and Kevin Gironnay each have proposed an original piece.

N[noise]CTURN is coproduced by IRCAM (Paris, FR), l’Association fragile (Paris, FR), Alex Augier Studio (Paris, FR) and has been created during the 2015 Manifeste festival within the framework of the InVivo Electro workshop directed by Christian Rizzo, Caty Olive and Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (Pompidou Center, Paris, FR).



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Manifeste Festival / Pompidou Center / Paris / 2015 / © Farah Frigui



Manifeste Festival / Pompidou Center / Paris / 2015 / © Hervé Véronèse – Centre Pompidou





Concept, stage design : Christian Rizzo
Lighting : Caty Olive
Programming, music : Alex Augier
Co-production : IRCAM, L’association fragile



Le Monde, June 2015