Passengers: Through Time

Music composition
4.0 ch sound
Duration : ~ 12 min


Original art installation inspired by celestial movements, fusing light, sound and movement to explore time and the cosmos. The vastness of the cosmos is the inspiration behind Passengers: Through Time and Guillaume’s intense planning for the piece included consultations with the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics in Grenoble. Visitors explore time, space and light in an awe-inspiring, immersive journey. Passengers: Through Time will travel to various global destinations as an integral part of the Stellar Odyssey Exhibition, its content will be perpetually modified in alignment with the solar calendar and the geographical coordinates of each exhibition site, thus expressing celestial phenomena in real time and place. Combining art, science and metaphysics, Guillaume Marmin’s creations draw their inspiration from the interplay of sensory components. Using light, sound and abstract movement, Guillaume’s work is redefining traditional ideas of sculpture, space and time.  His new installation captures the feeling of looking up at the night sky and contemplating the movement of the stars and planets. Using generative programming to transcribe celestial data, viewers are invited on a stellar odyssey in a walk-through capsule with infinite reflections, unique perspectives and immersive movements.















Passengers: Through Time is an installation by Guillaume Marmin
Alex Augier : Music composition
Joan Giner : Generative programing
Mael Pinard : Technical direction
Co-production : Jaeger Le Coultre, Tetro, YAM



Guillaume Marmin