Portraits Audacieux

Music composition
2.0 ch sound
Duration : side A : 2’08, side B : 2’08


Portraits Audacieux is a project by Damien Bourniquel. Portraits of sound artists that are both image and sound. These hybrid files, that you can see or hear (depending of adding a .wav or .pdf extension) allow to see what is listening, or listen what is seeing. These images are called « Audacieux, » because they were designed from the free software Audacity. The visuals are square images in order to create a micro-edition vinyl. The resulting image of this process would be printed on the cover and the disc contain the sound. This would create a double archiving both visual and audible.

For the project of Damien Bourniquel, and like many others artists, I composed, from the process of sonication of my ID photo, 2 special music tracks.



| 0 : 0 //


| 0 : 0 //








Project by Damien Bourniquel with the collaboration of many sound artists

Production : Damien Bourniquel



Digitalarti, Nov. 2015

Digitalmcd, June 2015



Portraits Audacieux